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This is the wiki for Lost Reign, which is a Minecraft server. The server is constantly updating with more and more features, and we'd like our members to help our wiki grow by adding new pages!


This wiki serves as the knowledgebase, or compendium, as well as other stuff for our Minecraft server, Lost Reign. Lost Reign is an upcoming revolutionary Minecraft RPG experience immersed in an expansive, mystical, and adventurous world, brought to life with custom biomes and features Minecraft has never seen before. Adventure through the darkest dungeons and complete the most dangerous of quests. Create your destiny in an ever changing and dynamic world controlled by the players. Amass a faction that can stand the test of time and conquer who oppose you, befriend those who share your interests. Fight to ascend through a well designed leveling system that keeps it interesting every level you gain. Unlock hundreds of custom-made spells, abilities, traits, and skills based on the class you chose. Our unrestricted multi-tiered, multi-class system allows you to unlock new potential after leveling to the max of the classes you chose, further your class in whatever specialization you choose. Being a mage-warrior or a priest-necromancer is all possible. Suite up you charecter in an unlimited amount of custom-made armor and weapons rigged with different stats ranging from attack speed, damage, armor, dodge, critical chance, and more. Assassins tend to love the dagger and leather armor, while guardians like the greatsword and heavy full-plate armor. Think charecter customization stops there? Think again. Choose a race you'd like to be, each one fitted with their own abilities. A warrior can't fight alone in such a dangerous world of course, he has his faction, his friends, but even that can be quite lonesome. In Lost Reign you can capture any mob you want as a pet to assist in your effort. As many pets as you want. Each pet comes with custom skill-trees, abilities, stats, an inventory, a name you create, and can be summoned whenever you want. You can even ride them into the battlefield, just like a horse! Respawn them if they fall in battle, and level them up to unlock new abilities. Pigs are tough and sturdy, blazes tend to be powerful pyromancers, and withers tend to kill everything in their path. The possibilities are endless in this massive and unpredictable world.