Classes are a fundamental part of Lost Reign. Since it is a fundamental part of our server, we would like it to be a very comprehensive concept. This page of course will go indepth about the class system.

Class SelectionEdit

Before you even become a class you start off as an 'Adventurer'. An adventurer is an untrained person who just entered Lost Reign. Upon completing the basic 'tutorial quests' you'll enter the spawn city (name is currently disputed), and will have to seek the Headmaster of the Academy of Arborean Military Sciences. He then will instruct you on the different classes, once you choose which one you'd like to be, you'll need to go through initiation training. You'll need to find your specific trainer in order to start the series of quests. Once you've completed them, you are now a Level 1 (insert class name here)!

Leveling SystemEdit

Leveling in most MMORPGS are quite boring. So why not go a different and 'untraditional' direction to the leveling system? When you level up in the world of Lost Reign, you must speak to your trainer. Your trainer will assign you a quest, you must complete this quest before you can learn any skills/spells/abilities assigned to that level.

Class VariationEdit

You will not be able to learn every spell your class has to offer, so picking your spells you feel that are right for you is important. A level 5 warrior can be much different from another level 5 warrior. Customizing yourself is essential.


Once you reach the highest level available, you are able to choose a new class. The process goes on, making it possible to master every class in the game.


Once you reach a certain level you can further specialize yourself in the class you picked. You'll be offered 3 different specializations, each very unique. Choose wisely, because you can't choose all of them.

List of Tier 2 classesEdit




List of Tier 3 classesEdit